“Constantly investing in more and more advanced technologies and in our human resources is the winning strategy for a company committed to provide solutions for its customers.”


Alberto Proserpio – IMP Spa Founder and President


IMP Spa has been developing in a geographic area with a strong entrepreneur and manufacturing background, year by year challenged by a constantly more
demanding market.


The company has always been bound to its territory focusing on the technology and the

know-how to create competitive products, and being able to face constant new challenges demanded by a more globalized world.


IMP Spa’s Mission is providing its clients with:

- Cutting edge technology

- High professional standards

- Production and organization flexibility

- High quality products

- Competitive price


IMP Spa’s work ethic is to focus on our human resources as well as our Clients and Suppliers.


Through a rigorous critical approach, we compete with the constant market changes in order to find better and more efficient solutions to our customers’ problems.

This continuous improvement is possible due to a constant training of our human resources, the active cooperation between all the company functions, as well as choosing the latest technology available on the market.

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