IMP Spa is providing products co-design and design services to its customers, understanding the peculiarities of each project, identifying the best solutions to achieve the quality requested.


One of the most important phase of a project is its feasibility, where IMP Spa’s team discusses with the customer side by side about the possibilities to optimize the mass production costs as well as the product engineering.

IMP Spa’s technical team is composed by 5 project engineers, with strong technical
background and several years of experience in the plastic moulding industry.


Our Services:

- Design

- Co-Design

- Mould Flow Analysis

- Product FMEA

- Process FMEA

- Material selection assistance


Mould Flow Analysis


IMP Spa utilizes mould flow analysis programs, which simulates the plastic resin flow through the mould based on 3D geometries. With this system, it is possible to verify the injection points’ position and the part’s deformation related to the type of raw material to use. This software can help to improve the part geometry in order to optimize its plastic filling, its internal pressures as well as the temperature in its cavities, and therefore improve the final product.





Following the demanding specifications of new projects requires a production process well consolidated, as well as a pursuit of constant improvement and technology updates.

With over three decades of experience and a solid machines automation and robotics knowledge, IMP Spa has been able to compete worldwide thanks to the quality of its tools, made by a tool maker who is, in fact, also a moulder, therefore is also able to find the best solution to optimize the production and enhance flexibility.

IMP Spa produces tools using the cellular engineering technique, technology designed to offer high productivity with low maintenance costs and high flexibility.

Since 1978, IMP Spa has been producing over 3300 tools, of which 1800 are still in production.

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