IMP Spa guarantees to its clients high quality products, supporting them with flexibility and competitiveness in their different sectors: Automotive, Electronics, Appliance, Mechanic, Food and Medical.

IMP Spa currently has over 120 thermoplastic and thermosetting machines between 6 and 430 tons.



IMP Spa dedicates a constant effort in the production, quality and process improvement:
specific tests are implemented in the laboratory analysing the raw material as well as products criticalities.

Quality Checks:

- 3D Optical Visual Measurement

- 3D Touching Measurement

- Double Flank Rolling Tests – for Gears

- HQV (high quality vision) – Automatic Customized Control System – to target 0 PPM

- Balancing test – for Fans 




Our Organization: Lean Enterprise and Flexibility

In the current economic scenario, flexibility is necessary to remain competitive
and follow the continuous market developments.

Since its early history, IMP has always been focused on the clients’ needs, developing
and growing accordingly, being able to support them in their different locations in Europe and in the World.

IMP philosophy is focused on the continuous innovation, constantly investing in new
technology, and on production improvement, developing and applying the Lean
Enterprise to all its departments.

Just in time productions, flexible stocks, constant attention to the process and to reduce
the lead times, daily deliveries, are the result of an efficient and modern

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